Truth Relativism

In some of my writings, i keep culminating the word 'truth' as a relative concept rather than conventional absolute one. It's a notion that a further explanation needed to be given. The culprit of fact and proof were all on the writer, so in order to establish a general point of view in my writings... Continue Reading →


Economic Inequality and Capital City

In this post-industrial civilized society or some sociologists call it the information society, we ought to believe there was an uprising economic inequalities that flourished the mainstream media. There was a famous debate of the century in the essence of solving the issue. Some labeled it as the product of free market capitalism with an... Continue Reading →

Artificial Consciousness, Social Consciousness

Dekade kemunculan manusia modern pada zaman holosen tepatnya 200,000 tahun yang lalu kerap menimbulkan perubahan pada planet yang dipijakinya. Spesies berjuluk Homo Sapiens tersebut memiliki porsi berat otak yang lebih besar dibandingkan spesies leluhurnya berserta keluarganya, baik primata dan hominid. Spesies bertulang belakang tersebut juga dipandang 'unik' secara universal sebagai kategori hewan dalam taksonomi biologi, serta... Continue Reading →

Life is Strange : Applied Game Theory

Life is Strange, is an episodic decision-making game developed by Dontnod Entertainment in 2013. The game was full of choices, that would determine its future developments in game. Life is strange was considerably a hit and success within years, and also memorable (note by some of youtube gamers). The mesmerizing experience of the game was... Continue Reading →

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