What Could Possibly Happen? : In the aftermath of Booming Artificial Intelligence

Current affairs on the drastic change in global society that had shaped by the existence of Technology brought a magnitude of flooding thoughts by social theorists, scientists and even politicians. Since the dynamic impact of the dotcom bubble in 1995, technology of interconnected global system has been reshaped human ways of thought and brought a larger magnitude of social assimilation. The Industrial Revolution from the middle 18th century had fundamentally reshaped human civilization. Social structure had been constructed, with the following discourse on political science and the creation of bureaucracy. Generally speaking, technology had its own place in most of our lives, controlling most of our behavior that indirectly reconciliate our thoughts of society.

Mainly talking about the impedding Artificial Intelligence, that had brought to earth in the aftermath of human innovations especially in the end of 20th century. International Business Machines Corporation (IBM Corp.) had introduced its own famous Artificial Intelligence that had been tested for defeating Master-Class chess Garry Kasparov with Deep Blue in a chess match. That wasn’t even the first installment of Artificial Intelligence in most of classical computers. It had been increasingly developed since 1957 by Carnegie Melon University but hasn’t even completed most of its atrocites in the development and never won a single match against Master-Class human chess champion. As for today, in the 2016 Google has introduced DeepMind AI that had its own victory in the game of GO against a Human Champion of GO Lee Sedol. In the 2014, most of national defense was aiming to introduce non-pilot mini choppers for engaging foreign security agent to exploit victories in the upcoming unaffordable war events. This Artificial Intelligence had us thinking on the big frame of the future of human civilization. As some people consider AI and robots are increasingly taking most of human’s jobs and even daily chores. But in the possible advantages compared to humans, most of AI wouldn’t generate consciousness as its human counterpart.

In some cases, I’ve been found to be exposed in this surreal thoughts of the future by reading a lot of bizarre science fiction novels and also playing most of today’s generation games. For instance, a console game identified as ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ made me rethink in the future civilization as it’s getting brighter or darker. Some point had been taken by the remaining humans acted collectively in the primordialist/tribal behavior inside the nature in the aftermath of a destroyed civilization. In fact it’s been shown to be natural by emerging growth of plants and animals by dehumanization of earth (as the aftermath of chernobyl), as carbon emissions weren’t existed and earth has become colder. The earth was filled with robots by its own artificial intelligence who also had its own consciousness produced for the sake of individual economic profit. Does that clairvoyance would indulges and reflects to our civilization as well? The answer is yet very uncertain. Yet what would happen if consciousness were enacted in the form of complete artificial intelligence and perfect robotic anatomy?

Those cases were very complex to overcome. There would’ve been a huge mass extinction in the proceeding future of human civilization and even animals. We could call it robots that infringed upon our civilization would likely starts a new civilization by the compromise of its own consciousness and intelligence. For instances, they will learn their own dogmas of generating more myths and religions while reshaping their own sciences that profoundly at least not so much different than humans have been taught today. But at some infringements of conflict by the sheer magnitude of wars by tribal thoughts would endorse more and more insisting ideas that they weren’t born by the creation of humans. They would’ve shaped their own ideology and beliefs that humans had always generated and divided. Generating new bureaucracy and political system would also add to the case of their constructed consciousness. And the most important part would have been their own creation of theoretical evolution from the dead bodies that mostly founded in the aftermath of human extinction. In fact, Robots would’ve encountered many possible ancient ‘human’ tragedy by inflicting their consciousness of greediness. The conceptualization by evidence may haven’t been discovered, since my fundamental condition was adding the aspects of consciousness to the artificial intelligence that even most of us (including nobel prize winning-scientists) couldn’t actually understand its basic principle on how it has been comprised inside our brain.

This short-sighted frame of thoughts wasn’t necessarily complied to a single bound of scientific theory. As recently ‘not a study’ interviews by world-known of compelling scientists as its recipient with much further debate. The answer is pretty much uncertain, but most of the predictions resulted in positive outcomes. Artificial Intelligence is pretty much taking our jobs in the future decades, but it’s necessary for us to start research at new jobs available in the future by enacting more skills to gain the upper hand of productivity. In fact, most of labor unions wouldn’t keep quiet by the sky-rocketing numbers of robots that mostly takes their jobs.

As I unscientifically studied by reading a lot of news, 71% of modern entrepreneurs alongside with scientists are acturally stagging the industrial development of Artificial Intelligence. Prominent modern entrepreneur such as Elon Musk was also embedding his sight with overcoming takeover by cheaper production cost of Artificial Intelligence, as he strongly opposed it and gave a tip with ‘human must’ve merged with machines to compete in the overhauling future of AI’. Alongside with the world known theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking with his negativity towards the existence of Artificial Intelligence that believed could ‘end the human race’.

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